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Four words: Wri. So. Mi. Fu.

Originally posted by thirdbird_fic at Four words: Wri. So. Mi. Fu.

In other news, please comment here any time before midnight on October 31st if you'd like an invitation to join wrisomifu this year! For the uninitiated, Wriso is short for Write Something, You Miserable Fuck and it's a pan-fandom community of people who like to whine about writing who are trying to scrape together the motivation to write something, anything--challenge fic, NaNo, kinkmeme fills, your thesis, a cookbook, that WIP on your hard drive that just won't die--for a minimum of ten minutes per day through the month of November. (Personally, I can easily stare at the old laptop screen for ten minutes and come up with sixteen words and then delete ten of 'em, but sometimes it's just enough to keep the ball rolling excruciatingly along...)

We write, we check in daily with our pathetic (or prodigious) word counts and with copious amounts of navel-gazing angst, we commiserate and cheer, we share cocktail recipes and writing tips, and on Fridays you have the option to share a few hundred words of whatever WIP you're flailing over and get feedback from your fellow MiFus. It's enormously helpful to finishing a project and I've made some of my best friends there and, in short, do it do it DO EEEET!

I mean...ugh, it's awful, don't do it, it's horrible, the misery. Right? No, I can't even pretend, I really love wriso time. U GAIS ITS LIKE SUMMER CAMP WITH MARTINIS AND WRITER-WHINING, COME ON

[end of thirdbird's post]

I did this last year and am doing it again this year - come and join us!


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