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Dear Secret_Mutant

Dear Secret_Mutant,

Thank you so much for making something for me - it's very kind of you and I'm looking forward to it!

Whether you are an artist or a writer, please don't feel constrained by my prompts - they're just jumping-off points and I would be very happy for you to make something else if you're inspired to do that instead, as long as it doesn't include the squicks listed below.

Likes: comedy, sex, banter, romance, friendship, getting-together stories and first times, established relationships, Old Retired Dudes In Love, UST especially if it becomes Resolved Sexual Tension. I enjoy roadtrip fic, mansion fic and other versions of ensemble fic. I like fics that fill in scenes from the film but I also enjoy AUs. Most of all, I like happy endings - whatever form that might take.

If you're an artist, I would be very happy with art that doesn't fit any of the prompts - if you want to do something based on any of my fics that would also be very groovy. (The only exception would be The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco, which was done in collaboration with hazelnut917 for X-Men Reverse Bang.)

Dislikes: graphic violence, torture, non-con, character bashing, character death, dark!fic, intense unrelieved angst, bleak and hopeless endings, mpreg, genderswap, Omegaverse, heavy D/s, slavery.

Characters/Pairings: Erik/Charles is my OTP, to an almost embarrassing extent, and I like stories told from either or both their points of view; I like Raven and Hank, and am happy to read about most of the other XMFC characters (I don't know the comics). Shaw is the exception to this, unless it's an AU where he's less powerful or a canon fic where he doesn't appear much. For whatever reason, I seem to like Emma, Sean and Alex more when they're in AUs than when they're in canon fics.

Have fun, and thank you again!


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