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fic archiving

I have been trying to get all my fic in one place, including stuff I originally posted just on fanfiction.net.   Apologies for cluttering f/lists, but I'm not sure how else to make it publicly accessible. 

So:  all of Close Analysis (NC-17ish, comic, Lestrade p.o.v.) is now here:

Close Analysis Chapter 1: An Inspector Calls )

Close Analysis Chapter 2: The Talking Cure )

Close Analysis Chapter 3: Clinical Observation )

Close Analysis Chapter 4: The Doctor Is In )

and all of Unpredictable (15-ish, same events from Sherlock and John's points of view) begins here, with links to later parts at the end of each entry:


Both stories around 7000 words in total.

Please let me know if there are any problems with the links.  My technical incompetence continues to be as colossal a nuisance as Lestrade's chivalrous streak.


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