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fic: Aktaion

Title: Aktaion
Fandom: Greek and Roman Mythology
Length: 100
Content notes: canonical character death
Summary: These woods are hers.

These woods are hers. Hunter that you are, you’re here on sufferance. You stumble into a clearing, and there she is, the goddess bathing, a naked vision of furious divinity. Your last human act, unwitting profanation. Your head sprouts antlers, skin thickens into pelt, hands and feet stiffen into hooves.

Your dogs will tear you to pieces. You’re prey now, though you don’t quite know it yet. When you try to call them off, they don’t recognize their master’s voice. Words desert you; there’s no sound on Kithairon but the yelping of hounds, the cries of a stag at bay.

Also posted at https://fengirl88.dreamwidth.org/239087.html with comment count unavailable comments.


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