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fic: A Soldier's Faith

Title: A Soldier's Faith
Length: 300 words
Rating: G
Summary: Grant reads Byron
Author note: A birthday ficlet for [personal profile] kalypso - happy birthday to her! Thanks to gulltown on tumblr for this inspiring post, which I've been meaning to write fic about for a long time now. Title and quotation from Byron's poem "From the French" (1816)

Grant laid aside the book, and wiped his eyes. He must be in confoundedly low spirits indeed, to weep over a poetical address to Napoleon, and yet the words had unmanned him. They approached too near to sentiments he had long thought safely buried; but what was buried could be unearthed, as he had too much reason to know. And what was buried here had undergone no transformation with the years since Jonathan Strange’s disappearance from the world. Grant’s feelings, he discovered with a sharp pang, were as fresh and lively as ever.

The book was one of Flora’s, of course; she still loved Lord Byron’s verses, though she no longer cared for their author. It was Strange, not Grant, who had displaced that idol from her heart. Some husbands might have been jealous upon this cause, but Grant was not. It would hardly have been fair in him to be so, since their friendship and subsequent union had sprung from love of the same man. What had begun as comfort and esteem grew by degrees to something warmer, and they had been as happy together as most husbands and wives, companionable and faithful. It surprized him still a little, sometimes, that this last was not more difficult, but no one had stirred his inclinations as powerfully as Strange; he thought no one ever would.

He read the lines over again, as if to steel himself against them:

Woman’s love – and Friendship’s Zeal,
Dear as both have seemed to me –
What are they to all I feel –
With a soldier’s faith for thee?

What was left of a soldier’s faith these days, he did not know; yet he could not quite believe that he had seen the last of Jonathan Strange, in this world or some other as yet unknown.

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Jan. 29th, 2017 05:12 am (UTC)
Oh, man. Feels. So many feels. Poor Grant. I'm happy that he's made a good life for himself, but so sad at the depth of his feeling still for Jonathan.

You packed a lot into so few words! Kudos!
Jan. 29th, 2017 05:00 pm (UTC)
thank you very much - and yes, poor Grant, I need to write something happy for him soon!
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