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fic rec!

Do you want to read fiercely intelligent writing about complicated emotional dynamics and the delicate balance of polyamorous relationships? OF COURSE YOU DO.

[personal profile] lilliburlero wrote me a wonderful follow-up to their brilliant Forest fic Something equally touching, which imagines a polyamorous quadrilateral between the parents of Tim Keith and Pomona Todd; the fic is also a glorious take on the boys' public school novel, which reveals the truth behind Tim's remark that her father and Pomona's were at school together and "One fagged for the other, or they blacked each other's eyes or something equally touching."

The new fic, which shows Tim Keith at a rare disadvantage and Pomona Todd dealing well with a difficult situation, is here:

As they say love should

I thought I had recced Something equally touching before, but I hadn't, so this is a double rec.

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