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fic: Black Suede Boots

Title: Black Suede Boots
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Rating: R
Length: 500 words
Content notes: no warnings apply
Author notes: Written for the Footwear challenge at [community profile] fan_flashworks and as a late birthday present for [personal profile] theicescholar; this is a sequel to Beautiful, Darling from Charles's point of view, but can be read as a standalone.

Summary: “A turquoise dress and black suede boots?” Erik says. “Kinky.”

“A turquoise dress and black suede boots?” Erik says. “Kinky.”

You can talk,” Charles says.

He's not complaining; far from it. After that frantic first time where they didn't even manage to get undressed before coming, it's been a delight to find out just how creative Erik can be in bed, especially with his mutation. Charles wriggles luxuriously, contemplating the bruises on his wrists from Erik's improvised manacles. The metal bed frame will never be quite the same again.

Who could have imagined so much could happen just from one ridiculous joke? But that's where it all began, with Charles using his powers to create an illusion of Erik in drag to show the mutant they were recruiting in the strip club, Angel, what he could do. Well, that and the wrestling match that ensued back at the hotel when Erik found out what Charles was laughing about - after which things rapidly got out of hand, in a most satisfactory way. Mmm.

“Black stockings too, I suppose,” Erik says, with a smirk.

“Will you shut up about that?”

Erik makes a pretence of considering it. “No,” he says, and tickles Charles in the ribs till he's laughing and squirming. “Stockings or pantyhose?”

“Stockings,” Charles gasps. He can feel he's gone red in the face, not just from the tickling. “And a garter belt.”

“Also black?” Erik teases.

“Yes, damn you,” Charles says, and hisses with pleasure as Erik pushes a hand between his thighs.

“Mm,” Erik says, and presses his fingers up behind Charles's balls. “Black silk knickers too, right? Trimmed with lace, I bet.”

Charles tries to say something, but it comes out as a moan. He's getting hard again, as much from Erik's words as from his strong clever fingers. Like this, he tells Erik, sending him the image he showed Angel.

“That ginger wig will have to go,” Erik says, and grins. “And I'm not sure turquoise is my colour.”

He holds Charles's hands above his head and presses him down into the mattress, laughing as Charles writhes underneath him. Erik kisses him, long and slow and deep, and strokes his cock until Charles is dizzy and aching to come again, groaning helplessly into Erik's mouth.

What finally tips him over the edge is the altered mental image Erik sends him: the wig and dress are gone, but the black silk knickers, garter belt, stockings and high-heeled black suede boots are just as breathtaking on Erik as Charles could have imagined.

“Definitely kinky,” Erik says, as Charles shudders and gasps and sees stars.

Definitely not the only one, Charles thinks, when he recovers the ability to think at all. He can feel Erik's erection pressing hard and heavy against his thigh. He's not sure whether Erik likes the idea of the clothes for himself, or whether it's Charles's embarrassment and arousal that’s got him all hot and bothered. Not that it matters too much: whichever it is, they’re going to have a lot of fun finding out.

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