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2013 calendar of fic

I missed those end of year memes, but here's what I posted in 2013.


Past and Present (Sherlock; Sherlock/John) 221b fluff. What do you get for the consulting detective who has everything?

Good Thing Going (Merrily We Roll Along; Charley), 2838 words, angst, fix-it; part 1 of Started Out Like A Song.

Entertaining Royalty (Cabin Pressure; pre-Martin/Theresa), 505 words, humour, romance. Being a princess is not as much fun as people seem to think.


I Never Went Away (Merrily We Roll Along; Charley), 1200 words, angst, fix-it; part 2 of Started Out Like A Song.

Every Song I Know (XMFC/A Single Man; Erik/Charles), 24403 words, modern non-powered AU. The one where they meet as exchange students, break up and meet again by chance seven years later.

Patterns of Light (XMFC; Erik/Charles), 766 words, still-powered, cop/detective AU, warnings for dubcon and somnophilia. The one I keep meaning to continue…

Mr Blue Sky (XMFC; Erik/Charles), 894 words, modern, still-powered AU; the one where they are neighbours and Erik comes round to complain about the loud music.


Fresh (XMFC; Erik/Charles), 452 words, modern, non-powered AU where they’re both graduate students.

Best Man’s Suit (XMFC; Raven, Erik/Charles), 253 words. Raven chooses a suit for Charles and Erik’s wedding. Inspired by kath_ballantyne’s lovely fanart.

Big Blue Shoes (Sherlock/XMFC crossover; Lestrade, Erik/Charles), 1978 words, AU where young Greg Lestrade becomes a clown at Xavier’s Circus.

Mistletoe (Sherlock/Maurice (1987) crossover; Lestrade/Maurice), 740 words, fluff, romance.

Come, Sleep (XMFC; Erik/Charles), 1106 words, PWP, first time, recruiting trip fic, bed-sharing.

Opening Doors (Merrily We Roll Along/Sunday in the Park with George; Charley, Mary, George), 1267 words, fix-it; part 3 of Started Out Like A Song.

Tribology (XMFC; Raven, Emma), 1115 words, genderplay, training; warning for dubcon.


Triangulation (XMFC; Emma/Raven, Emma/Raven/Angel), 1157 words, sexual fantasy, powerplay, genderplay, double penetration, strap-ons; warning for dubcon. Sequel to Tribology, in which Raven’s desire for revenge on Emma has unexpected effects.

Beautiful, Darling (XMFC; Erik/Charles), 451 words, recruiting trip fic, first time, wrestling, crossdressing; written for the Five Acts Meme.

Read Your Lips (XMFC; Erik/Charles), 730 words, recruiting trip fic, first kiss; written for the Five Acts Meme.

Better With Soup (XMFC/XMDOFP; Erik/Charles), 625 words, hurt/comfort; post-beach reunion fic. The one where Erik wants to cook for Charles.

You Ought To Give Me Wedding Rings (XMFC/X-Men Movies; Erik/Charles), 915 words, old dudes in love. If there are going to be rings, then of course Erik wants to make them himself.

Say It Again (The Scientific Remix) (XMFC; Erik/Charles), 1070 words, humour, recruiting trip fic; remix of Unforgotten’s fic Lines, aka "the one where Erik spends all his time Nazi hunting and none of his time flirting, so he thinks Charles' pick-up lines are actually good." Written for X-Men Remix Madness.


Knots (XMFC; Erik/Charles), 750 words, modern, still-powered AU, kink negotiation. “It's called shibari,” Charles says, stroking the back of Erik's neck. “Japanese rope bondage. It's really an art.”

Beyond Cure (XMFC/Spellbound; Erik/Charles), 1443 words, powered AU; fusion with Hitchcock’s film Spellbound in which some characters still have powers, Charles is Ingrid Bergman and Erik is Gregory Peck.

Tribometer (XMFC; Raven/Angel), 1348 words, femslash, genderplay, sexual experimentation. Sequel to Tribology and Triangulation.

A Conversation With His Father (Sherlock; Mycroft Holmes, Anthea, mentions of the Holmes parents and Sherlock), 500 words, post-Reichenbach. Written for an anon request at sherlockbbcfic. “The dead are part of his life, part of him; his father most of all.”

Each To His Own (Sherlock/Maurice crossover; Lestrade/ Maurice, Sherlock/John), 1000 words, romance. The one where Maurice takes Lestrade to the ballet instead.


The Only Love-Gods (Much Ado About Nothing (2012); various complicated relationships including Beatrice/Benedick, Don Pedro/Claudio, Claudio/Hero), 1028 words, angst, male homosociality. Don Pedro reflects on the success of his plot and its unintended consequences. Inspired by a discussion of the Joss Whedon film on legionseagle’s Dreamwidth.


The Way That It Was (Merrily We Roll Along; Mary, Frank, Charley, others), 1353 words, angst, unrequited love. Part 4 of Started Out Like A Song.

Romance in the Dark (XMFC; Erik/Charles), 828 words, making out, semi-public sex; a short fic set in the same ‘verse as Every Song I Know. Erik’s never understood Charles’s love-affair with comic books and superhero movies.

A Nice Lie-In (Sherlock; John/Lestrade, Sherlock), 930 words, established relationship, fluff. Inspired by Lestrade’s new haircut for S3. Sherlock comes back early from a case. Nobody is pleased about this.


Like Music At Night (XMFC; Erik/Charles), 24378 words, modern, still-powered AU written for xmenreversebang and inspired by raffi’s lovely art. “Charles Xavier, handsome, clever, rich and a telepath, seems to have everything going for him. He's eighteen years old and just graduated from college, with a brilliant future ahead of him. But his curiosity about Emma Frost's escort agency, La Reine Blanche, leads to an encounter that turns his life upside down.”


The Time Will Bring On Summer (All’s Well That Ends Well; the Countess, Helena, Bertram), 722 words, post-canon. The Countess of Roussillon awaits the birth of her grandchild.

Forbidden Fruit (Sherlock; Anthea/Ella), 909 words, established relationship, arguing. “She turns to point the berries out to Ella, but Ella’s concentrating on the driving. At least, that’s the reason Anthea gives herself for not speaking: a reason that’s already lasted about an hour and a half.”

In Illyria (Twelfth Night; Olivia, Viola, Sebastian), 644 words, genderbending, mistaken identity. “The boy's impassioned speech pierces her grief, as nothing else has done since her brother died.”

Bearing Gifts (Sherlock; Sarah Sawyer/Harry Watson, Mycroft Holmes), 810 words. Harry Watson gets an unexpected gift from Mycroft Holmes. Part of the Trouble With Harry series.

Structures of Living (Sherlock; John/Lestrade, Sarah, Sherlock), 826 words, domesticity, curtainfic. “If anyone had told him six months ago that he’d be shacked up with John Watson, even part-time, he’d have said they’d lost their marbles.” Part of the Trouble With Harry series.

The Measure of Love (Maurice/The Great Gatsby crossover; Clive Durham, Nick Carraway), 2234 words, post-canon, angst, friendship. “An Englishman and an American meet in a New York diner.”

A Strange Adventure (Sherlock/Maurice crossover; Lestrade/Maurice), 1238 words, romance. “He’d thought that Matthew Bourne ballet Maurice took him to was weird enough, but it had nothing on this.” Written for Kalypso for the Help_Syria auction.


All You Are Made Of (XMFC/X-Men Movies; Erik/Charles), 3555 words. Four scenes in the kitchen of the X-Men mansion, across five decades. Written for mrkinch for the Help_Syria auction.

Reasonable Force (Sherlock; Lestrade, Sherlock, Mrs Hudson), 221b, humour, spoilers for the S3 trailer. “Serves you right, you prat,” Lestrade says, glaring at the familiar dark-haired figure lying in a heap at the top of 221b's stairs. “Honestly, what did you expect?”

Love and Wisdom (Sherlock; Anthea/Ella), 991 words. The one where Ella and Anthea go to The Magic Flute; follows on from A Strange Adventure.

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