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my fic masterlist

My publicly available BBCSherlock-related fic falls into two main categories: longer fics which tend to be angsty and shorter ones which tend to be comic.  The exception to this is the first thing I published, Close Analysis, which is long, comic and only occasionally angsty.

General disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, whoever created them: ACD, Moffat and Gatiss, E.M. Forster or Walt Disney.  I'm just playing with them.

Long fics:

Close Analysis (just under 7000 words): mainly comic, Lestrade pov. 
Lestrade tries to help Sherlock who is confused about an incident with John.  Sherlock is not grateful for long.   Rated NC-17 for sexual content and a Lestrade who swears quite a lot.  fengirl88.livejournal.com/8019.html

Unpredictable (just under 7000 words): angst/romance.  Deals with the same material from Sherlock and John's pov.  Sherlock wakes up with a strange bedfellow and finds that his brain is not working. Cue angst and confusion, amongst other things.  Rated 15 or thereabouts.   fengirl88.livejournal.com/1104.html

The Old Bad Songs (just over 21000 words); mystery/angst.  A crossover fic in which Lestrade meets a latterday version of Maurice from E.M. Forster's Maurice.  Lestrade pov throughout.    Beta'd by ginbitch.
Lestrade becomes enmeshed in a blackmail case he is working and Sherlock has to help him solve it.  Rated NC-17 for sexual content, some drug references, capture.  fengirl88.livejournal.com/4243.html

In Transition (just under 14500 words); angst/romance.  Sequel to Unpredictable, set before, during and after The Old Bad Songs, with some reference to that story as well.   Beta'd by ginbitch.
Sherlock/John not-very-established relationship, Sherlock/Lestrade complications, Sherlock/John slash, finally.  
John has never been so happy.  Sherlock has never been so confused.  Sex has never been so awkward.   Rated NC-17 for sexual content.  fengirl88.livejournal.com/7901.html

Beginning To See The Light (just under 2000 words):  not a longer fic, but listed here because it is a sequel to The Old Bad Songs.  Beta'd by ginbitch.  Rated 15.  A happy ending for Lestrade, though not with Sherlock.

Shorter fics:

Late Arrival (221 words): pwp in the 221b form (221 words of which the last must begin with b). 
A jealous John can't imagine what Sherlock sees in Lestrade.  Or can he?    Rated NC-17 for sexual content.  Warnings: masturbation; also the Lestrade John imagines is on the forceful side.   fengirl88.livejournal.com/3487.html

5 Times John Thought Sherlock Was Asking For Trouble, One Time He Definitely Was (about 2500 words). 
Comic, written for anonymous prompt on sherlockbbcfic: Sherlock being tickled.
Rated NC-17.  Warnings: sexual content, light BDSM.  fengirl88.livejournal.com/4079.html

Dressing the Part (1831 words): comic pwp, Lestrade pov.
Sherlock takes Lestrade clothes shopping.  Rated NC-17.  Warnings: embarrassment, semi-public sex.

Three Turn (221 words): 221b ficlet for a prompt by blooms84, Lestrade pov.
Sherlock, Lestrade and John go ice-skating.  Rated 15.   fengirl88.livejournal.com/12021.html

Triple Jump (2220 words): comic pwp, Lestrade pov.   Sequel to Three Turn.  Beta'd by ginbitch.
Can the Baker Street Triangle work as a threesome?  A study in logistics, amongst other things.
Rated NC-17 for sexual content, pwp, threesome and a certain amount of ambushing.   fengirl88.livejournal.com/13058.html


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