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trope_bingo roundup

posting these together in one place; my card is here:

by: fengirl88
fandoms: X-Men: First Class, Sherlock (BBC), Maurice (1987)
tropes: au: cop/detective, sharing a bed, au: neighbors, au: circus, mistletoe kiss

Fic: Patterns of Light (X-Men: First Class, Erik/Charles, au: cop/detective)
summary/preview: Xavier's still asleep, sprawled face down on the pillow, his dark hair tousled and sticking up all anyhow. He must have been thrashing around while Erik dozed in the chair; the sheet's slipped half-way down his back, revealing a distracting expanse of bare skin.
content notes: No Warnings Apply

Fic: Come, Sleep (X-Men: First Class, Erik/Charles, sharing a bed)
summary/preview: “Got nothing left but the one double,” the desk clerk says apologetically.
Erik's about to say they'll try somewhere else when Charles says “We'll take it.” content notes: No Warnings Apply

Fic: Mr Blue Sky (X-Men: First Class, Erik/Charles, au: neighbors)
summary/preview: Erik slams out of his apartment and thunders down the stairs to pound on the door labelled Pembroke. The sight that greets him when the door opens is not what he expected at all...
content notes: No Warnings Apply

Fic: Big Blue Shoes (Sherlock (BBC) / X-Men: First Class, Greg Lestrade, Erik/Charles, au: circus)
summary/preview: CLOWN WANTED, the notice said. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.
content notes: No Warnings Apply

Fic: Mistletoe (Sherlock (BBC) / Maurice (1987), Lestrade/Maurice, mistletoe kiss)
summary/preview: Once you start looking, it's everywhere: in the lobby, in the coffee-room, in the lounge, in the bar...
content notes: No Warnings Apply

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