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2012 fic list

I never did get round to updating my masterlist, but here is what I posted in 2012; all links go to AO3.


The Nets Descend (Sherlock angst, in the Bad Language 'verse)

A Scandal In Canon/In Your Dreams (Two drabbles about Irene Adler, prompted by A Scandal in Belgravia)

Xavier's Variation (written in 2011 for Secret Mutant, but posted in 2012; aka the one with Charles's failed seduction techniques)

Any Just Cause (John/Lestrade angst; aka the Charioteer fic – this is the one that eventually pushed the short string of Harry/Sarah and Harry/Clara fics into becoming a series, Trouble With Harry)

Spurtle (Erik/Charles, domesticity and angst)

Finishing Touches (Maurice/Lestrade, getting dressed for the opera)


Put Asunder (Clara/Harry, divorce; part of Trouble With Harry)

Indulgence (Erik/Charles cuddling fluff, from a kinkmeme prompt)


Good Friends (John and Clara, part of Trouble With Harry; angsty sequel to Any Just Cause)

Childish Things (Erik/Charles tickling fic, from a kinkmeme prompt)

Winter Afternoon (Sherlock/John, sequel to Signs For The Distant And Disconsolate Heart)


High Stakes (Lestrade/Sherlock drugs bust/powerplay, final part of the Busted Flush trilogy)

No Understanding (John, angst, part of Trouble With Harry, following on from Good Friends)

Harry's Game (Harry's point of view on John, Clara, Sarah and herself; part of Trouble With Harry)


More Than I Can Stand (Erik/Charles, possession, jealousy, claiming; Five Acts Meme fic)

Light Fantastic (Sherlock/John, orgasm delay/denial; Five Acts Meme fic)


Good China (Sherlock/John, domestic, angst, my only post-Reichenbach fic to date; a 221b)

[if June looks pretty sparse, that's partly because of what was coming in July]


The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco (X-Men Reverse Bang fic, written for hazelnut917's lovely art)

Forsaking All Other (John and Lestrade angst; part of Trouble With Harry)

Opening Night (final part of Lestrade and Maurice at the opera)


Perfect Strangers (Mycroft/Maurice, Lestrade/Maurice, 3 x 221bs, anonymity)

Discipline (Erik/Charles, teasing, orgasm delay/denial; sequel to my first ever XMFC fic, Self-Control)

Duly Considering The Causes (Sherlock brooding about what's wrong with John and Lestrade; part of Trouble With Harry)


Let Him Now Speak (Sherlock and Lestrade; part of Trouble With Harry)

On Display (Maurice/Lestrade; public display of affection, at the seaside)

Almost You (Raven/Angel, voyeurism, first time; so far my only attempt at XMFC femslash)

Many Dreams Away (John/Lestrade, John Riddell, Amy, Rory, Eleventh Doctor; crack, gun kink, inspired by Rupert Graves's appearance in Doctor Who)

Trust (John/Lestrade, established relationship, the one with the haircut, 3 x 221bs)

It's All A Show (Sherlock/Lestrade; the one with the piano)


Among The Guests (Ella/Anthea, sequel to Sleeping Beauty; established relationship, romance)

Mutual Society (John, Lestrade and Sherlock try to work it out; part of Trouble With Harry)

A Place You Can Go (Lestrade/Sherlock, John, Russell from Weekend; the one with the YMCA)


The Water's Edge (Sarah/Harry broken relationship; happy ending nevertheless; the final part of Trouble With Harry)


Years Falling Like Grains Of Sand (Erik/Charles, romance, modern non-powered AU, written for Secret Mutant; the one with the Magnetic Fields concert)

He's Been Gone For Such A Long Time (Erik/Charles, post-beach pining!Erik, happy ending, pinch-hit for Secret Mutant)

Different Spices (John/Lestrade, seasonal fluff, part of the Bad Language 'verse)

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